Introducing Scrutor - Convention based registration for Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection

This is a post I should've written a long time ago. The library has already been out there since November. Just sitting in the open on GitHub and NuGet, ready to be used, but very few people know about it. This is my attempt at rectifying that. If you already Read More

Generating GUIDs

Today I noticed a developer leaving Visual Studio to go to to generate a single GUID. I tweeted this Funny when you see someone leave Visual Studio and go to to generate a GUID, when you have it right inside VS :P— Kristian Read More

Building C# 6 code with AppVeyor

I've switched over to using the RC version Visual Studio 2015 for most of my OSS coding recently, and I've really fallen in love with some of the new C# 6 features. Especially the nameof operator, expression-bodied members and getter-only properties. To convert my code to C# 6, I've been Read More